Lectio Divina

A Guide to Sacred Reading

Go to your sacred space.  Relax – Be still.  Take a couple of deep breaths.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you into God’s presence.  Find a scripture.

Slowly and quietly read the scripture out loud several times. Listen to what the Lord is saying with the ear of your heart. Pay attention to a word or phrase that the Holy Spirit highlights for you. Romans 10:8: “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart"

Ponder the word or phrase. Repeat it. Let it dwell within you. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir up images, feelings and memories. Be open to the way the Holy Spirit is intersecting those images, feelings and memories with His Word. Psalm 4:4: “Meditate within your heart.. and be still.”

Ask God to reveal His will for you. Is He bringing direction? Healing? Correction?  Forgiveness?  Listen for His Voice and respond accordingly from your heart.  1 Kings 19:12: “..a still small voice.” 

Be with Him. Relax in silence. Continue to listen for His Voice. Be aware of His presence.  There is no right way to respond. You are in the holy of holies. You may weep and you may find words of worship and praise springing forth from your lips. Linger in His presence. This is where He wants you to be... Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God”

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