Wednesday, March 5, 2014

God's Property ~ Part 2

Dear Friends,

Fifteen year old Ethan Boldizsar was possessed by demons. His mother Eva had been fired after exhibiting some very troubling behavior and her co-workers had become concerned about her. Because of things she had said, they suspected that there was something strange happening in her home and they were afraid for her. I was asked, as a pastor, to go to the house and talk with the mother and son. I agreed and took along one of Eva's former co-workers - a Christian woman.

I knew we were going to be dealing with something spiritual. We had prepared by praying and fasting. I was filled with confidence that we were going to help this woman. And then... Walking up the steps to this house was like walking into a cloud of darkness. I started to feel dizzy and stepping onto the porch became an effort. It felt like I was walking up against a force that was trying to push me back. My confidence was immediately replaced with a feeling of apprehension. I started praying. Eva opened the door before we could knock on it.

The living room was dark. Filled with photographs, dried plants, scarves draped over large overstuffed furniture. Strange little boxes with indecipherable writing. Oddly shaped silver objects. The air was heavy. Oppressive. It was hard to breathe in there. Eva brought in her son, Ethan and when he walked into the room, I could feel an intense dark force enter with him. I asked him how he was doing. He didn’t answer and just stared at me. His body tense. His face expressionless. His eyes glazed over and lifeless. Eva became flustered and told him to go and play in the garage. When he left, she told me he often gets like that.  

I asked her about the dozens of old black and white framed pictures of her ancestors and I learned that she was descended from a long line of fortune-telling, spiritist Hungarian gypsies. The scarves, silver statues and other objects in the room had been used by her mother to contact dead spirits. That explained the suffocating darkness. This place was a stronghold for the demonic.

I felt an evil force coming from behind a closed door and Eva told me that was Ethan's bedroom. Eva's mother and father had owned this house and that had been their bedroom. She told me that two years ago, while lying in bed, her mother put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. A month later, Eva’s father lay in bed and used the same gun. The day her father shot himself, Eva was at work and Ethan was home. She came home to find Ethan in bed cuddling the body of his dead grandfather and talking to him. 

The day after his grandfather's suicide, Ethan changed rooms so that he could sleep in his grandparent's bed. Ethan insisted on keeping the door shut at all times and didn’t allow his mother in that room. Ethan wanted to keep the room exactly like it was when they died so that their spirits wouldn't leave and he could still talk with them.

There was nothing I could do. The demons had a generational license to be there. The evil one had owned that gypsy family for generations and their occult activities had given permission to the demons to possess that house. You can’t cast out demons that have a legal right to be there.  

I was happy to finally leave that day, but much to my dismay, God wanted me to go back. After more prayer and fasting, I did. This time, we sat outside in her front yard because I knew that the demonic strong-hold had only the right to possess the house itself and I wanted to talk to her about something without the demonic interference. Away from the demons, I spoke to her about Jesus. I told her that a demon spirit of suicide was in her family and only Jesus could break that curse. We talked for a long time and she did pray to accept Jesus as Lord and Savor that afternoon. Hope was now invading the darkness. God had accomplished through me what He had sent me there to do.

I tell this story because we need to understand what demon possession actually looks like. I've been asked by too many Christians if they are "possessed" by demons. Absolutely not! If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are owned by God. That means you are possessed by God. God has legal right to your spirit. You belong to Him. You are God's Property! When you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit comes and takes up residence in your spirit. Christians cannot be possessed but we can be oppressed. We can be harassed, hounded and tormented by demons as they exert outside pressure on us.  
To Be Continued...

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