Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#1 Be Good!

Dear Friends,

The most hopeful sign that America is on the cusp of becoming great again is a surprising change this year in the most popular New Year’s resolution. Our resolutions always reflect what we are lacking. We lack good sense or willpower when it comes to what we eat and so we vow to eat better. We lack the good health we wish we had and commit to exercise in the new year. We lack the funds we need and pledge to handle our money more wisely. That’s why for the past many years the three most popular resolutions have been to eat better, exercise more and save money in order to reduce our debt. 

But for 2018, the top resolution was to: “Be a Better Person.” In other words..BE GOOD! And maybe the most encouraging thing about our desire to “be good” is the realization that perhaps we’re not quite as good as we thought we were. The goal to be a better person is the acknowledgment that something is lacking with our morals and ethics. So if those in our Country are joining in this implicit confession and taking personal responsibility for improving their own morals and ethics, could this be the first step in seeing our country return to its now abandoned Judeo-Christian values?

But here’s what we now must wrestle with. In our culture’s current thinking, there is no agreed upon good, bad, right and wrong. No longer is there absolute moral truth because morality depends on values and everyone has their own value system. So how can we possibly “be good” in 2018 when it seems that no one can agree on what is good? We can’t let politicians determine what is “good.” The Democratic candidate for president had stated that her goal was for an open border with Mexico that would allow free passage between the two counties. She sincerely saw that as a “good plan” for our Nation. The Republican candidate’s goal was, and now as President still is, to build a wall between the two countries that would limit and control immigration. He sincerely believes that is the “good plan” for our Nation. Could you possibly get two more different plans? Which one is the “good” one? Are you sure? 

We can’t let all religions determine what is good. Islam extremists literally follow the teachings of their prophet Mohammad and sincerely believe they are doing good by exterminating Christians for our belief that Jesus Christ is equal to Allah. In India, Hindus do “good” by worshiping idols and massacring the Muslims. 

We can’t let our culture determine what is good. Is it good to be “pro-choice” or is it good to be “pro-life?” As with many moral and ethical issues, it’s one or the other. You can’t believe that both of those positions are “good.” Philosopher Aristotle determined the law of non-contradiction from scientific reasoning. For example, as I write this, there is an animal curled up and asleep on the low file cabinet next to my desk. I say that’s my cat Cody. You tell me that it’s not a cat, it’s a dog. Aristotle’s principle of non-contradiction means that only one of us can be right. The other one is wrong. 

Our culture today ignores the principle of non-contradiction and preaches that both of us are experiencing legitimate realities and so therefore I have no right to impose my belief on you that Cody is a cat. Today we hear of bi-gender adults who consider themselves equally male and female and parents who are allowing three year olds to determine which gender they would like to become. Psychiatrists say that’s harmful, but today’s progressive culture says that’s “good.” In last Sunday’s L.A. Times newspaper, there was a very positive article on the religious fervor of young women attracted to Satanism and the revival of the atheistic Church of Satan. Worshiping the Mother Creator “Lilith”, this so-called “church of witches” performed the anti-baptism ritual of a coven-mate. Rejecting her Christian church baptism, the young woman was stripped naked, smeared with blood and was offered up in service to the goddess Lilith as an avenging angel for crimes against women. Today’s culture says that’s “good.” Is it any wonder that once our society abandoned the politically-incorrect Judeo-Christian values, we became confused over the messy realities of what really is “good?” 

So how in heaven’s name can we be good and become a better person in 2018 if there is no absolute moral truth that would define for us what good looks like? It’s so confusing that maybe we all should just eat better and exercise more! But if your resolution really is to be good and become a better person, there are three things you need to know that will help you to do that. We’ll look at those three next week...

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