Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The AMEN Corner

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly newsletter, Amen Corner! This will be a very short and informal newsletter with stories, reminders, scripture, prayer requests, things to remember from last Sunday and things to look forward to for next Sunday.  When I say that this will be a “weekly” newsletter, please forgive me when it isn’t. 

I’ve been thinking that as we look forward each Sunday to worshiping the Lord and connecting with our church family, it can sometimes feel like a long time between Sundays. We can feel disconnected during the week, and at times we may even need a spiritual boost to keep us recharged and refreshed.  

Hopefully, the Amen Corner will help to keep us connected with each other at the mid-point in our week and maybe even refresh our souls with a spiritual boost of encouragement.  I was also thinking that for those in our congregation who, for distance or health reasons, find it difficult to come and worship with us every Sunday, Amen Corner may help them to remain connected with their church family.

Why did I call this the Amen Corner?  In the more “vocal” churches – some Pentecostal, Baptist, and African-American churches – the congregation shouts out words of encouragement as the pastor preaches: “AMEN!” “PREACH IT BROTHER!”  “GLORY!”  “YES! THAT’S RIGHT!”  And the “amen corner” is an area, usually near the pulpit, where the most vocal shouters sit together to lead the congregation in their encouraging responses.  This newsletter is your pastor’s “amen corner” where I will try my best to encourage you during your week and keep us connected between Sundays.  Can anyone give me an AMEN! to that??