Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Occultism In The Schools

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A frantic mother pulls up to the entrance at Olive View Hospital. Her son has just had a sudden and unexplainable psychotic episode and broke every window in their house. He’s in the car refusing to come out. His face is demonically contorted and he’s snarling and growling like a rabid dog. The mother says that he has taken no drugs or medication. The boy is nine years old but has the slightly-built physique of a six year old. The little boy is violently out of control. His body twisting and contorting as he fights off those trying to help him. He has almost super-human strength and it takes eight Sheriff deputies and security guards to restrain him and safely strap him in a wheelchair. A pastor stands nearby watching. He comes from the Caribbean area where Santería and Occultism are widely practiced and which often lead to demonic possession. This pastor has seen demons manifest themselves like this many times before but not typically in a child this young.

In our local schools, “Charlie Charlie” is the new fad as children and teens hunger for the supernatural. This is a Mexican occultist ritual where participants write “yes” and “no” in boxes and balance pencils on the paper. They summon a Mexican demon named “Charlie” by chanting “Charlie, Charlie are you there? Come to me.” They ask the demon yes or no questions and Charlie answers by moving the pencil. When they are finished, they must ask the Charlie demon if they can leave and Charlie dismisses them or requires them to stay by moving the pencil to one of the boxes. One participant described the experience as feeling as if they were surrounded by evil and being watched by demons. Our local schools have banned the reading of the Bible during recess while they’ve allowed students to freely engage in occultist practices. Instead of praying and asking Jesus to show them the right direction for their life, our youth are asking demons to give them direction on their life choices. 

Students at San Fernando High say that they are not allowed to take a Bible out of their backpack to read but they can take out a Ouija board to use. For many centuries, these were called “talking boards” and used by Spiritualists to communicate with the dead. Talking boards were handmade until 1890 when they were mass-produced. The first makers of the board asked it what to call it and the demon being contacted spelled out the name “Ouija.” Psychologists might not use the word “possessed” but are unable to ignore case histories showing that use of the Ouija board has directly caused mental health problems. 

In Tepoztlán, Mexico, a paramedic posted a video of a sixteen year old girl strapped to a gurney in an ambulance. She was manifesting a demonic spirit and was growling like an animal, thrashing, hysterical and laughing that she was going to die. The teenager had taken a “shamanic” drug to induce a spiritual trance and she then used her Ouija board to contact her dead parents. As she begin to talk to the spirits and use the board, she was immediately possessed by a demonic spirit who told her to hurt herself. The video is terrifying to watch.

Some people may scoff and disagree with the reality of evil and demonic forces that work thorough devices like Charlie Charlie and the Ouija board but the Bible takes the occult very seriously. “ not let your people practice fortune-telling, or use sorcery, or interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, or cast spells, or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead.” Deut 18:10-11 (NLT)

You don't need Charlie
when you have JESUS!

Christian parents need to protect their children and teens from anything that might bring them into contact with occult spiritual forces. If you have school-age children talk to them about the dangers of Charlie Charlie and the Ouija board. These are not “games.” Evil is real. Demonic spirits are real. Tools used to contact the dead are used as gate-ways by the spirit world. Children need to know that these tools actually work and they can have tragic consequences. Our kids have a built-in desire to spiritually connect with God and we must teach them how to do that. You don’t need Charlie when you have Jesus. If we don’t lead our children to Christ, the spiritual predators of this world are waiting to snatch them away. Our children need the super-power of the Holy Spirit. And once the Holy Spirit resides within, no evil can come near!  Amen?

If you are not sure if the Devil really exists or if you are not sure if Christians can be "possessed," please read Are Demons Real?

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